The built-in webcam of future laptops, 4K, HDR and with AI from Omnivision

Below we show you a novelty that is expected by the end of this year, which should be the webcam of the computers of the future and which comes with excellent specifications.

One of the big issues we need to address is nasty, poor quality webcams. And that’s it, you can buy a great laptop, for sure the camera is going to be of very questionable quality. Well, it seems that with this novelty the problem could disappear.

And it is that, OmniVision Group has announced that will be the first to market 4K HDR 30fps camera modules for laptops. The OV08X is the industry’s only 0.7 micron, 9.2 megapixel image sensor that can be used in the next generation of notebook computers.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this is also the first sensor that integrates a four-cell color filter array and on-chip hardware mosaic, providing a high-quality Bayer output of the aforementioned 9.2 MP, in real time.

To give us a small idea of ​​what it is, the Bayer format or Bayer mosaic is a great advantage since most color image sensors only detect one of the three RGB channels to save manufacturing costs. However, with this format, we are offered great resolutions in all types of conditions.

According to the official release, the OV08X can be used in laptops equipped with screens of 16:10 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The vertical size of the sensor is only 4mm.

“Users no longer need to rely on their external webcams for high quality video calls. The OV08X image sensor from OmniVision enables designers of high-end and flagship laptops to create the thinnest devices possible with high resolution 4K cameras“, says Akeem Chen, Director of Product Marketing at OmniVision.

The sensor is based on OmniVision PureCel Plus-S composite glass technology and from what is known so far, will be put into mass production in December 2022so it seems that the doors are opening to a higher quality image on our computers in an ultra-discreet way.

OV08X supports auto-framing, keeping the user centered on the screen during video calls, and the field of view is adjustable. ANDThe sensor also allows the detection of human presence and allows contactless connection and automatic locking.

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