Joe Burrow, Jessie Bates III, Drew Sample, Dax Hill

CALL HIM : Bates better be ready to pay, though. He’s one of four guys who Anarumo says barely missed turnovers in Dallas. It’s been a big point of attention since the Bengals came through the playoffs generating nine of four games and they’ve only had one this season.

It also counts in the secondary, where they have more pots than the Hard Rock. DBs are fined for everything from loaves to missed turnovers, and they have to pay money. The pot for dropped interceptions grew after Bates, cornerback Mike Hilton and left winger Sam Hubbard got their hands on the ball but went empty.

Bell seems to be the chairman of a council that decides who owes. It is usually signified by a clap of the hands, the universal sign of a fair misfire. Bell said the final decision rests with safety Mike Thomas, the chairman of the board and the team’s most experienced offensive and defensive player.

“We’ll say, keep playing the game throughout,” Bell said of the defining video.

This particular pot is used to help rookies pay for the end-of-season dinner.

SAMPLE : News of tight end Drew Sample’s impending knee surgery that could see him out for the rest of the year is a blow to the Bengals’ pass protection. Sample was central to the plan last Sunday to protect Burrow from Cowboys passing thrower Micah Parsons and it exploded when Sample made it to just his 10th snap. This came after playing 29 in the opener.

So it’s a good thing they claimed Devin Asiasi from the Patriots in the cut. The 6-foot-3, 260-pound Asiasi, a third-round pick, is cut differently than the 6-foot-5, 255-pound sample, but he has rep as a powerful pass blocker on the edge whose they now need.

“These are things we saw on tape when we evaluated him coming out of UCLA,” Taylor said. “He’s a big, strong guy. I think he brings something to the passing game as well. He’s shown his ability to separate. He seems smart, fair in our dealings with him for two and a half weeks or so. It doesn’t matter. There’s a lot of positive things we like about him, that’s why we claimed it.”

Starter Hayden Hurst played well and they need Mitchell Wilcox to play more snaps after playing two in Game 1.

“Those three guys will be in this room for now,” Taylor said. “Those three guys did a good job. I thought Mitch came in last week and did some really good things, even though he didn’t get all the reps in practice, he stepped in and did good job. good for us this year, now we get a chance to watch Devin a bit.”

Go back to last year and grab CJ Uzomah’s 55-yard touchdown in Baltimore that put the Bengals up 10-3 in what would be a huge win. Taylor recalls Sample holding a block for what felt like four seconds against perennial Ravens Pro Bowler Calais Campbell.

“Nobody writes about it or talks about it,” Taylor said. “Drew is just one of those tough, smart football players. That’s what we want to be. There are so many little nuances.”

Now the Bengals need guys like running back Samaje Perine to get into the cauldron like he did in Dallas when Sample went down. Perine threw a Campbell-like block on Parsons that made possible Burrow’s two-run pass to wide receiver Tyler Boyd with 3:45 left.

“That’s not what you’re calling the game for, to match a running back to Micah Parsons, I promise you that,” Taylor said. “A guy can line up on the left side for the entire ride and all of a sudden be on the right and you just have to call protection whatever you want to call it, trying to help everyone there and just the He lined up on the outside against Samaje and Samaje did a great job holding him back, readjusting his hands That’s exactly what a veteran player like him brings to Table.

“Samaje didn’t practice that. It was Drew Sample and Hayden. Samaje is thrown into the fire. He has to learn the ‘O2’ package at halftime and do a good job of running a unique game there. on the goal line which was really just aimed inside the 3. Step up, don’t you.”

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